About My Thai Wedding

My Thai Wedding was established to fill the vacuum for a high-end destination wedding and pre-wedding service in Chiang Mai and Thailand.

James de la Cloche made Chiang Mai his permanent home in 2012 and he established Loving Light Studios. Through contact with clients it became obvious that there was a large gap in the market for a high end photographer to service the destination wedding and pre-wedding market which has grown exponentially over the last 4 or so years. Chiang Mai has been enjoying a huge increase in interest from tourists who have come to appreciate the unspoilt natural surroundings teamed with an increasingly sophisticated infrastructure and a myriad of wonderful resorts, boutique hotels and world class spas, all wrapped in the gentle nature of the Lanna Thai people.

James de la Cloche – the man behind My Thai Wedding.

James de la Cloche, a British Chiang Mai wedding photographer with 25 years experience, started My Thai Wedding after he moved to Chiang Mai and quickly realised that although there are many “Wedding Studios” providing outfits, the photography element of their business was very much secondary as well as the fact that very few Thai wedding photographers in Chiang Mai speak much English.

After booking several pre-wedding shoots with Chinese couples who found him through the internet, he then met his first Chinese business partner, a client who loved his photos and work ethic and who is an expert in the Chinese market and who now heads the Chinese side of the business from her base in Shanghai. This relationship also introduced My Thai Wedding to other destinations in Thailand.

James has a long association with North Thailand and has seen how it has changed from a very sleepy part of the world to an absolutely top tourist destination for those who love scenery and nature as well as the charming, soft nature of the Lanna people. It is only really in the last few years that the tourist industry infrastructure has reached international standards and this, coupled with an immense interest from the Chinese people spurred by the famous (in China) “Lost in Thailand” movie that heavily featured Chiang Mai, led him to create My Thai Wedding.

Born on the tiny island of Jersey, Channel Islands, James is now a full time resident of Chiang Mai.

James de la Cloche Chiang Mai photographer

Other members of the team

Diane QiChinese Director
A previous client and now our Chinese Liaison based out of Shanghai, China.
Diane can tell you exactly what to expect and will facilitate all Chinese bookings.
Khun AyHair and Makeup
Our head of hair and makeup, a native of Chiang Rai province, Ay speaks very good English and is very good at putting our clients at ease. She is, of course, an extremely talented hair and makeup artist.
Khun MariaPersonal Shopper and Stylist
Why not take advantage of Maria’s fashion eye and let her help you buy fabulous outfits from the large array of new shopping malls in Chiang Mai?
Maria is English and has been a model since the age of 14. Now, how should we say, she is a little older and loves to share her impeccable British taste with our clients
Khun NaaHead of Transportation
Khun (Mr) Naa not only speaks excellent English but is also extremely proud of his mini bus which is fitted with superb sound and video facilities. A step above the rest.

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